Adam Khan on Putin Trump Assange

These are cut and pastes from his twitter accounts. Much thought went into this.

1. Some more color, background to my theory that blackmail is how Assange went from “darling of the left” to Putin apologist


2. Putin routinely uses blackmail to get his way-that’s how he rose to power-that’s how he got Assange

khan 2a.jpg

khan 2b.jpg


3. Just like they rescued Trump and Manafort at low points in their careers, Russians aided Assange when his finances dried up


4. Another motivator for Assange-aside from evidence Putin blackmailed him with? Like Putin, he isn’t a fan of America or Hillary Clinton.

khan 4.jpg


5.So to people like claiming Assange is a “man of the left” Nope He switched sides in 2010 and is firmly in Putin’s pocket

khan 5a.jpg


6. 6. Not a coincidence that Wikleaks dumps–TPP, Saudi, Turkey, DNC, Podesta-are timed to perfection to aid Putin’s geopolitical objectives

khan 6.jpg

7. When Panama Papers leak revealed how billions wound up in shell companies controlled a Putin crony, Assange blamed…a Soros conspiracy!


8. Two Assange comments (left from 2006, right from 2016) best trace his arc from an idealistic whistleblower to a Putin puppet/apologist

khan 8a.jpg

khan 8b.jpg

more call this 9

In 2010, Putin used damaging info about Assange’s sexual assault case to blackmail him, turn him into a Kremlin asset

khan 9.jpg


10. Wikileaks Sarah Harrison (Assange lieutenant) who escorted Snowden into Russia–”US is greatest unaccountable power”


11.. Assange received documents to leak from Russian Military Intelligence (GRU).


12. Flynn himself was fired by Obama after repeatedly leaking classified intelligence


khan 12.jpg


13. Flynn, who now freely peddles conspiracy theories, was so prone to dubious pronouncements that senior aides coined a term: “Flynn facts”

khan 13.jpg

14. And while he criticized Clinton for her private email, Mike Flynn himself used a forbidden private internet connection at the Pentagon!

khan 14.jpg

15. After he was fired, Flynn was found swooning about Putin, criticizing Obama openly as having lost Putin’s respect

khan 15.jpg

16. Did the Russians woo/groom Flynn, a disgruntled senior US intelligence official, as their direct conduit to manipulate US National Security?






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1 Response to Adam Khan on Putin Trump Assange

  1. I would love to dive into Adam Khan’s work, but since he rarely provides links (just screenshots) to his assertions, I find myself unable to take him wholly seriously. It SEEMS like good information, but these days, you can’t be too careful. He would do a lot for his credibility if he didn’t require us to simply take his word for most of it. Provide links. Let us follow up. Otherwise, it’s sadly just more noise.

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