New Russia. Ukraine. Final map. 2020

Since 2014, the separatists have taken many key cities yard by yard, kilometer by kilometer.

Donetsk, Luhansk, have Fallen. The next city will be Mariupol.

Mikolayih, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odessa will complete the New Russia.It will look like this at this end.

two ukraine

They will have “cleansed these areas of pro Kiev forces. Kiev will be glad to get rid of them. Perhaps there is a black payout to make the citizens accept this.

Kiev loses much of the minerals and harvest. Russian gains cheap Ukrainian labor at $100 a month at present amount. The Average Russian makes four times this in a month.

For everything has a price.

2.5 yrs of war in , by the numbers:

9,500 ppl killed

2,505 of them troops

300K Ukrainians have fought

75% of army contract soldiers

The Ukrainians are tired of war. They are tired of death and hardship. Some rather serve a Putin Russia and get jobs and Russian aid instead of the economy spiralling slowly to starvation.

political-map-of Ukraine

Kharkiv had 700 separatists arrested 2 years ago. They were supposed to have created a separatist movement and fail. Russia will encourage acts to bombings to get the citizens to flee west.

There is no hurry.  Famous Russian quote “The mills of God grind slowly.”



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