Iris Scan at airports

Crossing the border quickly and safely without having to show your passport? This is possible with iris recognition technology. The scanning device recognises specific properties of your iris. As your iris is unique, we can recognise and identify you with 100% certainty.

How does the Privium iris scan work?

When you pick up your Privium Card at the Privium Lounge, we will take pictures of both your eyes. After the scan, the details of your iris are stored directly onto your Privium Card. At the border passage the details on your card are compared to your eye. If these correspond, you are permitted to pass. Your iris details are not stored on the scanning device.

Safe and reliable

Gathering this information about your iris poses no risk to your eyes or health. The iris scan will still work even if you are wearing glasses or (coloured) contact lenses. It will not work if you are wearing sunglasses, however. The iris scan is a reliable and fast form of biometric identification.

but Britian is not convinced

Facial recognition technology has subsequently been developed with the new generation of chip-enabled biometric passports which can be used at automated ‘e-gates’.

Immigration Service Union deputy general secretary Lucy Moreton said the IRIS scheme had been beset with problems from the beginning.

‘Iris scanners are prone to throwing up false alerts when genuine travellers try to use them. We welcome the decision to phase them out,’ she said.

Last month, a company called AOptix unveiled its latest creation, pitched as a game-changer in the world of iris recognition. In less grandiose terms, it’s basically an iPhone case for cops, providing military-grade biometric scanning on the move. The AOptix shell is built to provide everything an officer needs to process a suspect on the spot. There’s a fingerprint scanner on the back, the capacity for facial recognition, and the new guest at the party: an iris scanner. The camera’s a little tricky — you have to hold it a little less than a foot away, and keep it steady for a few seconds — but otherwise, using the Stratus is like taking pictures with a heavier, clunkier iPhone. Crucially, it’s small enough to hold with just one hand, so the officer using it can still reach for his gun.

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