The US Defense missed the robotic bandwagon

stairs robocop

In the original robocop movie, the the robot is played as a hapless fool that cannot climb down stairs. That was over 25 years ago. The future appears to be a drone aircraft, but those seem to be easily shot down.

robot dekalb

Here a robot that we saw today. It is pulling the woman around. Imagine if the Ford Class aircraft carrier costing $36 billion were instead used to make these combat robots and remote controlled tanks.

Armor plated, guns to shoot planes as well go after human targets in hot zones. Equipped with Infrared radar and night vision,  people would not be able to hide. Night aerial bombardment would lethal. Most countries simply do not have the technology and resources to counter this. Used with a flying drone, the warriors/drone pair would make the Guderian strategy of tanks, infantry and airplane a 2020 version. The current need is there. Yet the priorities are for a  something we really do not need.

The Drone technology has offered a glimpse in the future and the Robot tanks would lead the fight, followed by these robot warriors and then the drones. A new lightning war would be born.  In 2020, rapid maneuver in combat will prove highly successful.

Guderian had pioneered motorized tactics in the pre-war army, while keeping himself well-informed about tank development in other armies. In particular, he promoted the use of radio communication between tank-crews, and devised shock-tactics that proved highly effective. In 1940, he led the Panzers that broke the French defences at Sedan, leading to the surrender of France.

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