Texas Desert Scenario and Quebec joins the US

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well,” French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once wrote. The difficulty, though, is finding it.

If the global model of warming would be accurate, then it follows that Texas would see record heat and then desertification. The second large state in population would not be able to support itself with no clean water, intense heat and millions hungry.

The apocalyptic scenario means Canada would be moderate temperatures. The US would want to acquire Canada land. But under what scenario would Canada sell its land to the US?

The scenario would be that the US would start to buy Canadian land as the Asian companies have bought the US lands.

Another scenario would play that Quebec secessionists would demand to join the US. Implausible?

In the Quebec general election, 1989, the political party Parti 51 ran 11 candidates on a platform of Quebec seceding from Canada to join the United States (with its leader, André Perron, claiming Quebec could not survive as an independent nation.

The CIA could easily start destabilization campaign as it done in other countries. By 2025, the separatists could be well funded and the rest of Canada could be glad to rid it self of the separatists.

The scenario is played out in well lit rooms unbeknownst to the Canadians.  The election of Trudeau could easily push the movement as his nonintervention leanings could allow it or maybe benefit from it.

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