Blasts kill scores at peace rally in Turkey

Two bomb blasts ripped through crowds at a rally of peace activists in the Turkish capital Saturday, killing scores, in a reminder of the growing conflicts Turkey faces both at home and across the border in war-torn Syria.

There is strong evidence to suggest two suicide bombers carried out an attack on a rally of pro-Kurdish and leftist activists which killed 86 people in Ankara

This is the second peace protester bombings this year.

186 were wounded, said the health minister, Mehmet Muezzinoglu.

The blasts, which appeared to be the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkey’s history, occurred near Ankara’s main train station just as groups of Kurds and leftists planned to march to protest the recent resumption of armed conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants. It is a conflict that has been waged for nearly three decades, but in recent times the two sides seemed on the path to peace.

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