Southside Chicago Weapons Robbery Used GPS Ghost Location Tracking

Imagine a moment in time captured because of your cellphone.

In May, thieves  stole 111 semi-automatic assault rifles from a freight train container in Englewood, Chicago. The weapons were taken from a rail yard near 61st Street and Lafayette Avenue.

The weapons taken were reportedly part of a shipment of firearms on its way to a licensed gun dealer in Minnesota. The weapons were equipped with 30-round magazines.

The train was carrying 318 firearms from the Ruger factory in New Hampshire to Spokane, Wash., and had stopped in Chicago for the night, according to the charges. About 7 a.m. that day, a railroad employee noticed that several locks and seals on the train had been cut open, and police later found bolt cutters and a Ruger magazine in the yard.

The stolen weapons have triggered an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and FBI

Federal agents who inspected the train when it arrived at its final destination discovered that a total of 111 guns were missing, according to the charges. Six of the guns have since been recovered “in unrelated incidents” throughout Chicago, the complaint alleged. The charges did not specify if the guns had been used to commit crimes

Using a GPS tracking software, the FBI/NSA tracked all past cell signals for the railyards on the night of the robbery. The police followed the path of the thieves using cell phone plots of time until they found two of the men.

Alexander Peebles, 44, and Warren Gates, 48, were charged in separate criminal complaints stemming from the April 12 robbery of the cargo train at 8000 S. South Chicago Ave., court records show.

In a videotaped statement, Peebles admitted that he had committed the theft of the firearms with nine other individuals, who each kept 13 of the guns, according to the charges. Peebles said he kept one of the pistols for himself and sold the other 12 to a man he knew as “Chuck” for $2,200.

If it was a couple of guns, no one would worry. 111 assault rifles is enough for an army. Imagine an organized attack using these guns. No police of secret security detail could match it for routine coverage. Hence the need to find these weapons.

The further media accounts deliberately omitted the GPS software portion and changed it to the men were in the railyard a week later. But WE heard in a rare media gaffe by one of the special agent.

Why the secrecy?

The technology is presumed not to be out.

google map

The sample photo shows what the path over time would look like.

Click a location. All cell signals in the location with time defined period would show.

They would know the phone, location and easily ghost track it in time.

They could know where any politician is at any moment in time present or past.

If someone planted an explosive device, they could work backwards to see what cells were there.


So imagine every person of interest can be tracked instantly at a click like the above photo. They can plot out their path into the past.  If you have a meeting at a secret location, they can see who else is there.

They can watch your movements in real time.

It is a matter what is important enough to track.

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