Nuke Talks in the Middle East

MAny expect an agreement that would suspend economic sanctions while still allowing Iran to enrich uranium, putting it a year or less from a nuclear weapons capability. President Obama has considerable power to suspend sanctions on Iran at least temporarily without Congress’s approval.

It’s a deal that leaves Iran as a threshold nuclear power today and virtually guarantees they’ll have nuclear weapons tomorrow

Such a deal will trigger a wave of nuclear programs in the world’s most unstable region,

After a deal leaving Iran with a uranium enrichment capability, countries in the Middle East and outside the Middle East are going to demand the same opportunity to enrich uranium at whatever level is allowed to Iran.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey are commonly cited as countries that might quickly pursue nuclear technology.

It is also still possible that the nuclear talks will collapse entirely, with the parties declaring that a deal is unreachable — although sources did not expect that to happen in Vienna this month.

Western officials have described Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as maintaining a hard bargaining position and say that much depends on his willingness to make concessions in the face of international pressure.

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