Minerva Engineering is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in integrating conventional and unconventional technologies, tools and techniques to design, develop, integrate and test, critical systems for the Defense & Intelligence Communities.

The premise for this paper is that the IC and social science community could benefit by working together on these topics of mutual interest (for example, the use of big data and smart cities) in the context of developing new statistical methods and tools and analyses of topics of mutual interest using unclassified data initially and as trust is built, classified data. The goal is that these collaborations would benefit both communities without jeopardizing the identity and culture of each.

Minerva is Cross DOD – Human Social Cultural Behavioral Modeling (~$20 million budget)

The project’s most significant outputs have involved the creation of sophisticated data-mining tools capable of analyzing thousands of online materials, whether in the form of webpages, tweets or discussion forums – See more at: http://govtslaves.info/pentagon-funds-new-program-track-kill-activists/#sthash.Sic7wVvM.dpuf

The Minerva Research Initiative competition is for research related to the seven (7) topics listed below.

(1) Strategic Impact of Religious and Cultural Changes

(2) Terrorism and Terrorist Ideologies

(3) Science, Technology and Military Transformations in China and Developing


(4) National Security Implications of Energy and Environmental Stress

(5) New Theories of Cross-Domain Deterrence

(6) Regime and Social Dynamics in Failed, Failing, and Fragile Authoritarian States

(7) New Approaches

This has included developing powerful new data-mining tools capable of in-depth analysis and automated threat-assessment of social media posts by nonviolent social movements, civil society networks, NGOs, and political activists, as well as potentially those by violent or extreme groups and organisation


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