Wanted Syrians to fight both Assad and ISIS

The Cons:

No pay.

High probability of painful death.

0.0001% chance of success.

The pros:

Training in Saudi Arabia

Use of US made weapons.

President Obama spoke with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Wednesday, hours before laying out his strategy to combat the militant group, who have taken control of huge swathes of Iraq and Syria. The White House said: “The president and the king agreed on the need for increased training and equipping of the moderate Syrian opposition.”

While the Saudis would be hosting the training program on their soil, the actual training of fighters would most likely be carried out by another country — possibly the U.S.

The presence of the U.S. military in Saudi Arabia has been controversial. Many Muslims objected to the presence of foreign troops in the country that is home to Mecca, Islam’s holiest site. Though the U.S. withdrew the bulk of its troops from Saudi Arabia in 2003, a small official military presence remains in the country.

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