Overpopulation and Synchronicity of Random Events

Per the World Health Organization

“Population size and growth rates… have significant impacts on the state of the environment, aggravating vulnerability and adaptation needs. In this respect, population policy is an important consideration of adaptation strategies.”24

At the national level, incorporating this demographic perspective will require the integration of voluntary, rights-based family planning programmes into adaptation efforts, hence making climate change a priority that must be shared by departments of health as well as environmental ministries.


So what if the issue of overpopulation is dire for the future. Would not people who have the resources be moved to try more radical means to affect the WHO predictions?

I proffer these scenarios and wonder if we have Synchronicity list below.

– So if over population is a problem then gang shooting each other is one of the many solutions?

– Then also increasing the drug trade to the weaker and feeble minds is also another solution because they will die earlier using less resources in our lifetime. The heroin epidemic is approaching million of users a year. Will it be 10 million in 10 years?

– Another potential threat would be the water of reservoirs which then can be delivered any kind of chemical pesticides or biological agent that could make people either dead or sterile

– So would the one percent use a vaccine that’s very expensive to spread a disease that only they would be immune to?

– DBCP caused sterility in men. If a more advanced vector used the components that cause sterility, then could not a population be exposed without any threats of viruses. A sub standards ignorant area could cease to exist from some exposure to a newer compound.

– So the Pakistanis shoot doctors with vaccines because they believe they’re being also treated for other issues that may affect them in the future. Does the vaccines have other drugs in them that will affect them in the future?

– What is the traction in the Ukraine in that the war would allow them a diversion? Would it to be air spraying of pesticides that are dangerous and cause sterility?

– And when you determine who you want to save in this will let us getting rid of four billion people. Would they choose the people that are tested proven to be intelligent. Would the untested be missed and the underachievers would be easily led to the death?

Meanwhile, genetics could be used to make us stronger, taller, smarter. Or a new evolution. A new race of demigods. For those chosen to continue the new species.  

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