Hardware Keylogger used by Card skimmers to steal Credit Cards at Nordstrom Store

Three men allegedly installed Credit Card Skimming keylogges at into cash registers in a Nordstrom department store in the Florida.

Those Keyloggers were connected via a keyboard cord between the keyboard and the computer to intercept the information transmitted between the two devices and Furthermore, the gang used the connectors designed to resemble common PS2 cables. Krebs has indicated on his blog that such keyloggers can be easily obtained online for about $40 only.

Placing such a devices would have allowed criminals access to data for anyone applying for a Nordstrom credit card, plus any numbers typed in via the keyboard.

In order to collect the captured data, criminals have to return back after few days to collect the keylogger from store.

But at this time it is unknown if the men ever returned to the store in order to retrieve the keyloggers and Nordstrom are unaware of any arrests being made.

An alert circulated by the police department in Aventura, Florida told of three male suspects captured on the close-circuit cameras tampering with the registers on October 5, 2013.

Let’s hope that Nordstrom customers have not been comprised in this attack.

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