Syria, Chemical weapons and lessons of Hans Blix

In 2002, Hans Blix of the UN could not find in WMD in 550 visits. Yet the US/Britain couldn’t wait. 

In 2013, UN lead investigator is Åke Sellström in the #syria chemical weapons probes.  He said “conclusive findings..only after testing samples taken directly from victims or the site of the alleged attack.” this was in regard to April chemical weapons use.

There is alot of misinformation, but let’s follow the facts. 

Were Chemical weapons used before August? The UN said The UN investigation “no compelling evidence that these (rebel) groups possess such weapons or their requisite delivery systems.”

Also, allegations of chem weapons use was made by both sides. There is no conclusive report by the UN on this. So Ponte and others don’t help with the non factual suspicions. 

See: references this document. …

Why the rush to #syria? 

If Assad proves to win, then perhaps he might purge anyone suspected in the uprising. Saddam buried Thousands in the mass graves.




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