Putin – We must prevent young people from being drawn into terrorism

His February 14, 2013 speech was interesting. 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Good afternoon, comrades!

Today at the meeting of the Federal Security Service to discuss the results of 2012, determine which tasks have to focus on.

Ever wanted to commend the work of the central office staff, local government and special units of the FSB, mark your competent and courageous actions during the neutralization of internal and external threats.

I draw your attention to improve the quality of operational and analytical work – a process everyday. To consistently enhance the capacity of service to address the full range of current and future challenges in the field of security, we are about ensuring national interests and stable development of our state, of reliable protection of society and citizens of the potential risks.

At the recent Board of the Ministry of Interior has cited statistics in counterterrorism. Just last year, under the auspices of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of the FSB, more than 60 special operations. Punished suffered organizers and perpetrators of bloody terrorist attacks. Investigated and prevented dozens of terrorist crimes – all in all 99 of those crimes, including six attacks. Maybe this is one of the most important results of your work.

However, the figures disclosed and crime prevention talk about quite complicated, stressful operational environment. In fact, you do it well you know, and now the attack on the Caucasus – another proof. Therefore, all antiterrorist forces must be in the highest degree of concentration and mobilization readiness.

To the smallest detail, to automatism please elaborate system of preventive action with increasing threats of terrorist threat. The main thing here – the protection of human life. It is necessary to provide reliable anti-terrorist protection of social and industrial projects, infrastructure, transport, energy, and, of course, the big public, international events soon to take place in our country.

The most important line of work – this is a warning, prevention of terrorism. It is necessary to protect people, young people from being drawn into terrorist groups and thugs.

Direct communication of extremist and terrorist groups is clear. Therefore, the neutralization of extremist structures to act as decisively to block attempts to use radical for its propaganda potential of modern information technology, Internet resources and social networks.

Effectively countering extremism requires you to not only carefully planned special operations, but also impeccable legal, legal purity. There can be no room for expansion, and the conventions of interpretation.

Constitutional right to freedom of speech is firm and inviolable. However, no one has the right to sow hatred, society and country rock, and thus endanger the lives, well-being, peace of millions of our citizens.

We have formed a strong, capable, mature civil society. People are increasingly taking responsibility for what is happening in the country, in your city, municipality, state their position, taking initiatives, active use of organizations and associations are increasingly using it to create new rights of political parties. These processes, of course, need to be supported and will be supported by the state.

I also want to emphasize, no one has a monopoly on the right to speak on behalf of all of Russian society, the more the structures, managed and financed from abroad, and thus inevitably serve the interests of others.

Now set the order of activity of NGOs in Russia, in particular this applies to funding from abroad. These laws should certainly be fulfilled. Any direct or indirect interference in our internal affairs, any form of pressure on Russia, our allies and partners is unacceptable.

We have heard a number of recent, frankly, nervous, frankly angry statements regarding the integration processes in the post-Soviet space. Take them to the account of the emotional rhetoric of politicians. Tight integration – an objective world process. And no shouts, odergivaniya he stopped, including in our territories, can not be.

Nevertheless, we can expect – indeed, and face, you know it well – with attempts to impede integration work. And there can be used a variety of tools including pressure mechanisms of so-called soft power.

I want to emphasize the sovereign right of Russia and our partners to build and develop the integration project should be well protected. I ask here to work closely with your colleagues and partners from Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries that are involved in various integration processes.

Dear colleagues! Key activities of the FSB – is counterintelligence. In the past year, thanks to our counterintelligence operations units were stopped working 34 staff employees and 181 agents of foreign special services, of which 12 have been caught red-handed.

The object of espionage are promising domestic technologies and development plans for the construction and development of the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex, the most important political and economic data.

We need the most modern approaches to the organization of counter-intelligence activities, including for the protection of classified information. This also applies to frequent attempts to break the national electronic databases.

In the near future to establish a unified system of detection, prevention of cyber attacks and reflection on information resources of Russia. It is necessary to solve this problem as quickly as possible in a short time.

Increased demands are made today and the Border Service of the FSB. It is necessary to develop the infrastructure of interaction at the border with our partners, neighbors, improve the forms and methods of the state border, the level of technical equipment of border authorities.

Also, the system should be strengthened enforcement regimes, not only at the border but also in the border areas, and on the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation.

Overall, I expect you more action in the field of economic security, the interests of the state and national business. This is about protecting our companies from unfair competition and direct discrimination on foreign markets, anti-corruption and organized crime.

However, unacceptable, I want to stress especially, to get involved in commercial disputes, to put pressure on the business, to create all kinds of man-made obstacles and barriers to the implementation of investment projects. Such professional and moral deformity should be prevented in the strongest terms. Look to you for just such action.

Comrades The key to successful implementation of your tasks – the development of human resources of the Federal Security Service. Must provide employees with all the necessary modern technology on to decent pay and benefits package.

As you know, since January 1 of this year allowance of personnel increased by about 40 percent. For the first time in the past twenty years, we can say that, probably, there are some problems, but in general, almost all need permanent housing. Just last year, more than 11,000 of waiting, received the keys to new apartments. Has grown significantly, and service housing. We will continue to work in this direction.

And of course, special care must be surrounded by veterans, particularly families of employees killed in the line of duty. It is our common professional and moral duty.

In conclusion, I once again thank the staff of the Federal Security Service for faithful service. I expect that the tasks you’ll perform at the highest professional level.

Thank you for your attention.

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