Can you Track me now?

20 ways to be tracked.

This surveillance has crept into people’s lives gradually as computers have become more efficient and cheaper – and as data analysis has become more enticing. The price for businesses to store and use a gigabyte of information for a year dropped from $18.95 in 2005 to $1.68 in 2012, and it’s expected to drop to just 66 cents in 2015, says market research firm IDC.

Other devices the Journal surveyed also showed a drop in prices. When portable car navigation devices first came on the market in 2004, they cost about $800 on average; now they are usually priced below $200, according to technology market research firm Allied Business Intelligence Inc.

And a typical automated license plate reading system sold by manufacturer Elsag now costs $15,000, down from $25,000 in 2004.

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