Sim card tracker found on all orange sim cards.

sends location, IMEI to operator, without your knowledge.

As I am a little bit suspicious about this kind of things, I have asked to define “all” and “without your knowledge”. Immediately came the reply which confirmed my feeling: “the smart card sends it via SMS to the operator from the OS on the card”.

This tweet came during a great speech of Behrang Fouladi at 44con conference regarding .NET smart cards. His research is great and I want to make it clear from the beginning that I appreciate his work. The only thing that I don’t like is that generally people are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill from the fact that SIM sends a message to the operator.

What is it about? SIM card has an app written on it and, when put into a different phone, it will automatically send a message to the operator informing it that now the customer uses another phone. Why this? Well the operator will automatically send you the MMS/Internet settings for this new phone so that you will not have to struggle with manual setup.

Where is the tracking? Or how can we think about tracking when you are actually using the operator’s network and that at anytime the operator knows where you are, with a few meters precision, specially in a big city where they have more BTSs?

Finally I would like again to underline that I have nothing personal with Behrang, I appreciate all his findings, but this Orange SIM card tracker thing went a little bit too far.

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