#Trapwire is CIA?

Newly released WikiLeaks publications from the Stratfor leak reveal much about Trapwire.

Trapwire is  a multi-country surveillance network run by a private US company, Abraxas, led by ex-CIA operatives.

Abraxas Corp., a risk-mitigation technology company, has spun out a software business to focus on selling a new product.

The spinoff — called Abraxas Applications — will sell TrapWire, which predicts attacks on critical infrastructure by analyzing security reports and video surveillance.

On #Abraxas board of advisors in 2008: Alan Wade ex-CIO of the CIA for 35 years and , former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

Richard “Hollis” Helms, CEO of Abraxas Corporation, said, “We are very
excited that Governor Ridge has joined our Advisory Board. Although we are
just making the announcement today, Mr. Ridge has been working behind the
scenes with our TrapWire(R) team since July of 2006 (prior to full product
release) to help refine key product functionality to even better address
critical infrastructure owner responsibilities and needs.

Files on USASpending.gov further revealed that the US Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense together awarded Abraxas and TrapWire more than one million dollars in only the eleven months.


The network operates in NYC subways, the London Stock Exchange, Las Vegas casinos, and more. It uses real-time video facial profiling.

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