Facebook and Facial Recognition or #NSA #FBI tool

Facebook has purchased Face.com’s facial recognition technology, which techies say will make it faster and easier to tag photos.

Imagine every photo you post, comment, do, is all recorded, analyzed, scrutinized, broke down, recorded again, analyzed, and scrutinized over and over again by NSA via Facebook.

Translated into code, if your image data is something that #NSA knows better and control more than you do, and your ability to hide is in jeopardy at a fundamental level.

FBI is asking Congress to require tech companies to rewrite their software so it has a “back door” that the FBI can use to listen in.

Think we are nuts?

Josh Hick doesn’t think so.

He was among those arrested in last week’s global sting operation aimed at credit card fraudsters. Hick is a 19-year old kid from New York who the FBI say exchanged stolen credit card data in exchange for a digital camera and$250 in cash

So how did the undercover agent ID Hicks? His credit card hacking chat account “OxideDox” account was registered on the FBI-created credit card website using the email address: jmonster66@yahoo.com.

The FBI agent says in the complaint that he discovered the same username on Facebook and recognized the male in the photographs on the profile page from the meeting where the camera was handed over. Hicks also has an active Tumblr page with the same user name and photos.

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