Why the NSA refuses to divulge how many Americans they’ve spied on

In the past, the Director of National Intelligence wouldn’t answer because he didn’t want to.

The NSA has refused to answer claiming that, not only would it be too much work to figure it out, but that figuring it out would violate the privacy of Americans.

The NSA claims that figuring out how many Americans it spied on would violate their privacy.
The NSA IG provided a classified response on 6 June 2012.

I defer to his conclusion that obtaining such an estimate was beyond the capacity of his office and dedicating sufficient additional resources would likely impede the NSA’s mission. He further stated that his office and NSA leadership agreed that an IG review of the sort suggested would itself violate the privacy of U.S. persons.

The Obama administration says that the ACLU cannot file a case until they can prove they have been spied on.

Last week, Senator Wyden blocked the FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012 from immediate approval by a Senate subcommittee, wanting it to go to a full floor. vote

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