Stratfor Mati Hari part duex To Russia w Love 2009

Maybe Putin needs to clean house. Or isolate the ones that are so easily seduced.

Marko Papic wrote:

No seriously… why are Peter and I cc-ed to this dirty dirty dirty girl
talk? I’m not complaining… just a little confused…

—– Original Message —–
From: “Karen Hooper”
To: “Lauren Goodrich”
Cc: “Reva Bhalla” , “Peter Zeihan”
, “Marko Papic”
Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 1:24:55 PM GMT -05:00 Colombia
Subject: Re: PDVSA guys are FLIRTY…



Date 2009-06-24 11:32:30
So I met in the lobby yesterday an equity investor from Russia who had a
few deals here in Kazakhstan, Mattais Westman. When I handed him my card,
he looked at it funny and asked me if we had met in the past. I told him
that I didn’t think so and we chatted briefly about the fact that there
really is zero equity of any company here in Kaz.

I ran into him again this morning while I was dashing between meetings
with BTA, etc. He again commented on how he swore he knew me and I replied
that his name was familiar, but we have most likely just run into each
other in Moscow.

So a third time I just ran into him in the elevator & greeted him as
normally…. This time he glared at me. I tried to make small talk asking
if he was staying much longer in Almaty. He said it was “none of my
business” and that it would be “better off if the two of us did not speak”
if we did see each other again.

I was so confused, so I called godfather who laughed really hard & clued
me in to who the hell Westman was. I have apparently affronted Westman in
2 ways…

Westman is Fridman’s right hand man…. He moves Alfa’s money in and out
of Russia and does a lot of dirty work for Fridman…. Meaning his hands
are stained red.
1) Westman definitely crossed my name back home this afternoon &
realized who my godfather was— who, btw, has helped the gov seize about
4 billion from Westman’s capital group in Moscow.
2) Apparently Fridman is seriously unhappy with our Oligarchs series
and does not like the conclusions we’ve been pushing about them being
under state control now.

Lauren Goodrich


Here is my tentative list, though I’m still adding more…

Yuri Chaika – Prosecutor General
Oleg Deripaska – oligarch & head of Rusal
Vladislav Surkov – aid to Medvedev
Marina and Viktor Kalashnikov – dissidents
Ellen Pinchuk – Bloomberg head
Brad Cook – Bloomberg chief
Alex Berezin – RIA Novosti
Crystal Stutes – US Embassy Political Section
David Falcon- Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi
Alexander Bogachyov – Bke Drilling
Vladimir Drebentsov – BP Russia
Talgat Turumbaev – Bank Kazakhstan
Alina Shlykova – ExxonMobil Russia
Dimitiy Semenov – Gazprom
Sergei Kupriyanov – Gazprom Information
Alexander Bespalov – Gazprom
Steven Dashevsky – Aton Capital
Vladimir Katunin – Aton Capital
Anton Khlopkov – PIR Analysis
Nakita Sergeyev – Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (thinktank)
Valeri Pervukhin – Institute of Energy Strategy (thinktank)
Andrei Kuprov – Mitsui
Fernando Martinez Fresneda Moreno – Repsol
Roman Shkoller – Russia Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Anatoli Gubarev – Shtokman Development
Gennady Zaitsev – Sakhalin Development
Bayramgeldy Nedirov – Turkmen Energy Ministry

Fred Burton wrote:

Do you have a list of people you are meeting with just in case? 🙂

ATTRIBUTION: Stratfor sources in the Kremlin
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: One of the top within the Kremlin circle

Evraz is done, no matter what deals Abramovich thinks he has with Putin…
Abramov (other VP) has sealed the company’s fate.

So Putin and Abramov had a very public spat this week while they sat next
to each other at an Industrialists meeting. Putin accused Abramov & Evraz
of gouging ppl over steel prices

Putin said: Imagine that I’m sitting under the table as you’re conducting
pricing negotiations! After all, you’re not conducting yourself by the
rules of the market! People come from you with a direct order: don’t
lower prices!

When Abramov tried to protest, Putin brushed him off with a wave of the
hand, exclaiming “I don’t want to hear it!”

Every other metals Oligarch was at the table watching this.

Lauren Goodrich

Lauren Goodrich wrote:

very trusted source who knows not to lie to me 😉
My guess would be they’re planning on how to counter the legal
moves….. Ustinov is brilliant at this sort of thing and has wanted
revenge on Chaika for a loooooong time.

Reva Bhalla wrote:

but we should still be wary that this info is coming from the Surkov
clan, right? any idea what they’re up to?
On Nov 1, 2009, at 3:28 PM, Lauren Goodrich wrote:

ATTRIBUTION: Stratfor sources in the Kremlin
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Senior within the Kremlin circle — Surkov clan

INSIGHT: Ustinov, Patrushev and Sechin held a meeting late Friday
into Saturday. They claimed that they were meeting to discuss
terrorism issues in the Southern Caucasus-something Patrushev has to
update Medvedev and Putin on this week. But that excuse does not
explain why Sechin was there, since that has nothing to do with his
sphere of responsibility.

LG: So we have the head of the FSB, Sechin & the guy who use to be
the legal wrangler in order to protect pro-FSB businesses (Ustinov,
who is married to Sechin’s daughter) all meeting this weekend.
Ustinov use to be Prosecutor General till Surkov’s right hand Chaika
booted him out of office. Let the plotting begin.

Lauren Goodrich

Date 2009-03-18 20:59:13
ATTRIBUTION: Stratfor sources in the Kremlin
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: One of the top within the Kremlin circle

The PG office estimates that $120 billion was lost in 2008 to corruption
out of the annual budget, while this next year it is looking to trend to
$240 billion because of the recession. Western groups look at this via
Russia’s size, influence of the bureaucracy, compromised court system and
lack of independent media.

However the Kremlin (both Putin and Medvedev) are looking at fighting this
corruption to help with the government’s financial problems. The
government can hardly hope to mitigate the crisis if one-third or more of
its anticrisis money is being siphoned right off the top.

The PG office is looking at a few different ways to counter corruption (on
Putin and Medvedev’s order) including forcing state officials to issue
asset declarations and comparing it to the FSB’s assessment, especially as
Russia has been looking at Russian assets in global tax havens.


Lauren Goodrich
send them to DC, they can take me shopping any time.

i’ll just be sure to bring my chastity belt… and mace.

Lauren Goodrich wrote:

Have to admit… Russians are sooooo severe and paranoid… meeting
with dummy, flirty Venezuelans is nice after my looooong day.
They keep offering to take me “shopping tonight’ to buy me “whatever I
want”… I have declined for the record.
Though if godfather wasn’t picking me up in 20 min, I might play…
they’re fun (and veeeery high up in pdvsa).

Karen Hooper wrote:

Taladre, bebe, taladre!!!

(drill, baby, drill, for the language-challenged…. lauren, i think
you should practice saying that to your new “friends”)

Reva Bhalla wrote:

those PDVSA guys have multiple drilling talents, if you catch my

and NO im not speaking from experience. it’s the meds talking…

Karen Hooper wrote:

An STD-free team player, thank you very much.

Reva Bhalla wrote:

psh, what kind of team player are you?

Karen Hooper wrote:


I’m soooooooo not sleeping with PDVSA reps for this job.
Sorry guys.

Lauren Goodrich wrote:

Drinking with them right now.
Will return with goodies.
Geez, Karen. All you need do is sleep with these guys and
you got them. (PS… Not willing to sleep with them for

Sent from my iPhone



From: “Lauren Goodrich”
To: “Marko Papic” , “Eugene Chausovsky”
, “Reva Bhalla”
, “Peter Zeihan”
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 3:41:17 PM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
Subject: Apparently I’m not making friends this time…

So my godfather threw me a little dinner and drinks mixer tonight at his
home tonight. It was filled with Kremlin ppl and I was so excited to be
there after my disastrous day with the Kremlin Defense group. It was an
odd evening though because alot of people seemed kinda irritated by my
attendance (though the party was for me).

Anyway, I walked up to a nice looking woman I didn’t know personally–
Medvedev’s media representative, Natalia Timakova. I smiled nicely and
offered her my hand in introduction. She looked down at my hand and
without taking it, said really snidely “I know who you are. We all know
who you are. I just wanted to see who all the fuss was about.”

Apparently, she is really pissed off that I wrote that Putin would be
willing to throw Medvedev under the bus should the reforms go wrong. It
isn’t that she doesn’t believe it won’t happen, but she didn’t want it
said publicly.

Anyway, I’m on day 2 and apparently I should have waited until the Kremlin
Wars blew over before returning to the motherland.

*ah, sigh*

Lauren Goodrich
Director of Analysis
Senior Eurasia Analyst

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