Jeremy Hammond and Lulzsec timeline

Jeremy Hammond and Lulzsec Timeline

Hammond Aliases “anarchaos”, “sup_g”, “burn”, POW, yohoho, credible threat, tylerknowsthis
Mar 2004 Hammond Marijuana arrest
Mar 2005 FBI arrests Hammond for computer intrusion. Hammond says he is a freegan.
Dec 2006 Hammond sentenced to 24 months.
2008 Anonymous starts
Nov 2009 Hammond Arrest at speech by a Holocaust denier. FBI learns Hammond hacked into white supremacists organization.
Nov 2010 Hammond arrested for violent protest about Chicago Olympic. Hammond throws a banner into flames.
Dec 2010 Marijuana arrest
Dec 2010 Sabu participates in Operation payback w DoS on Visa, MC, and paypal.
Dec 2010 Ackroyd aka KAyla hacks into Gawker.
Jan 2011 Sabu participated in DoS on Tunisia government servers. Algeria, Zimbabwe, and Yemen DoS approx. then also.
Jan 2011 Cearrbhail and Martyn hack into Fine Gael
Feb 11 2011 Sabu, Ackroyd, Davis, Martyn and other hack HBGary. They get access to 60,000 emails. Which Sabu said involved tricking a Nokia network security specialist named Jussi into handing over passwords.
May 2011 Anonymous forms Lulzsec. Sabu, Ackroyd, Davis, Martyn, Saleh, and AVUNIT (Christopher Ellison?)
May 2 2011 Lulzsec hacks Sony, 24.6 million customer stolen, 12,700 cc
May 7 2011 Lulzsec – Ackroyd, Davis, Martyn, and Cearrbhai hacks Fox’s X-factor
May 29 2011 Lulzsec hacks PBS
June 4 2011 AVUNIT dox on pastebin. Note: no police confirmation of Ellison as AVUNIT. Kayla is wrongly identified. No confirmations other than dox on pastebin.
June 6 2011 Lulzsec hacks Infragard, an information sharing partnership between FBI and Private business
June 7, 2011 Sabu, Tflow, outed in dox in
June 7 2011 FBI catch Sabu
June 8 2011 Citibank hacked. 360,000 customer info. Unsolved.
June 10, 2011 Hammond tell Sabu he was arrested in Denver at the RNC in 2004
June 12 2011 Lulzsec hacks Bethesda Software
June 13 2011 Lulzsec hacks US Senate
June 15 2011 Lulzsec hacks CIA
June 17 2011 Lulzsec war with anonymous
June 19 2011 #anti-sec formed from members of lulzsec and anonymous
June 20 2011 Anti-sec DoS on SOCA, UK Serious Organized Crime Agency
June 21, 2011 Ryan Cleary arrest for CIA hack.
June 21, 2011 Lulzsec brazil hacks Brazil government site
June 23, 2011 Lulzsec hacks AZ Dept. of Public Safety
June 25, Lulzsec announces Retirement
July 2011 Hammond Marijuana arrest
July 11 2011 Antisec hacks Booz Allen, a Defense consulting company. 90,000 military emails released. Unsolved.
July 12 2011 Anonymous hacks monsanto, releases 2500 emails. Unsolved.
July 19, 2011 Lulzsec hacks the UK Sun
July 19, 2011 Solomon Saleh aka TFLOW, a 16 y.o arrested
July 21 2011 Anonymous hack Nato, partial files released. Unsolved
July 21, 2011 Hammond Tell Sabu he did time at Cook County for weed.
July 26, 2011 Jake Davis aka Topiary arrested.
July 28 2011 Mantech, an FBI consultant w $100M contract hacked. Unsolved. 500Gb of data released.
July 31, 2011 Hammond says on chat he is a Freegan.
Aug 15, 2011 Sabu pleads guilty to 12 counts.
Aug 15 2011 Hammond tells Sabu he did time at a federal prison
Aug 17 2011 Gawker published chat logs showing Sabu had detail knowledge of Topiary arrest
Aug 29, 2011 Hammond discuss the St. Louis arrest of Midwest rising. Hammond’s brother and an “associate” attended the meeting but were not arrested.
Sep 22 2011 Cody Kretsinger aka excursion arrested for Sony Hack. FBI used activity logs they obtained from the UK proxy service Hide My Ass.
Sep 22 2011 Christopher Doyon aka PLF arrested
Sep 22 2011 Joshua Covelli aka Toxic arrested
Dec 3, 2011 Bank of Portugal DoS by Lulzsec
Dec 6 2011 Hammond tells Sabu he got inside via chat and hacked
Dec 12, 2011 Lulzsec and anonymous hack emails of Florida Family Association
Dec 14 2011, Hammond tells CC-2 he hacked into Stratfor and going to cause damage
Dec 19 2011 Hammond tells CC-1 and CC-3 that data is 200 gigs.
Dec 19 2011 Hammond tells CC-3 about idea of using stolen cc to get 4-5 offshore servers.
Dec 19 2011 Hammond uploads Stratfor data onto Sabu’s FBI provided server
Dec 24 2011 Hammond and co-conspirators defaced stratfor site.
Dec 26 2011 Hammond tells CC-4 that needs more servers. Will upload to Sabu’s server.
Dec 26 2011 CC-5 tells Hammond and CC-4 that he spent $30,000 from the cc already.
Dec 26, 2011 Hammond tells Sabu he will upload to Sabu’s server
Dec 26, 2011 Hammond tells Sabu, CC-6, CC-7 that the script that CC-1 used is exporting correctly.
Dec 26 2011 #Anti-sec teaser document posted on a file sharing website
Dec 29 2011 #Anti-sec teaser document 12/29 (legit) posted on a file sharing website
Dec 31 2011 Hammond tells CC-3 that he is going to deface site.
Dec 31 2011 Hammond tells CC-3 that Stratfor had contact info for Cheney, Former CIA head and two other government officials.
Jan 2 2012 Hammond and CC-2 and CC-3 discuss the scope and enormity of the hack on stratfor.
Jan 5 2012 Hammond estimates stratfor breach at 200 million per media outlet
Jan 6, 2012 Email sent to Stratfor clients under guise of Stratfor exec with #Anti-sec and lulzchristmas messages claiming to hack , and
Jan 11 2012 Hammond discuss Sabu and CC-3 about timing the release of data.
Jan 25 2012 Hammond tell Sabu he is an anarchist communist
Feb 3 Anonymous gets in FBI and Scotland Yard CC
Feb 28 2012 FBI does surveillance at Hammonds residence in Bridgeport.
Feb 29 2012 FBI watches Hammond leave the residence. They identify the wireless router and Hammond’s MAC address for his Apple Macbook. Sabu confirms Hammond is online.
Mar 1, 2012 FBI gets court order and installs Pen/trap that transmits all data from the router to the FBI. FBI find that Hammond is masking IP address via the TOR Network.
Mar 1 2012 Sabu confirms to the FBI that Hammond is online.
Mar 2, 2012 FBI watch Hammond leave and return.
Mar 3, 2012 FBI watch Hammond leave and return. FBI uses Sabu’s jabber list to verify Hammond is online.
Mar 4, 2012 FBI watch Hammond leave and return. Sabu calls FBI to let them know that Hammond is online.
Mar 5, 2012 FBI gets warrant for Hammond’s arrest.
Mar 6, 2012 Sabu Indicted. Ryan Ackroyd (Kayla) indicted. Donncha O’ Cearrbhail aka Palladium arrested. Darren Martyn aka pwnsauce arrested.


December 2011 – provided credit cards stolen from stratfor
860,000 stratfor subscribers or clients
Stole info for 60,000 credit card users
$700,000 of credit card charges

TOR – The Onion router

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