Eight in the Elevator

Ma’am “get out of the elevator, we need to use it” the SWAT team leader said.

The eight SWAT team members all dressed in black were in a hurry to get to the Senator’s office.

The NSA GPS tracking program said one of the protestors entered the Federal Building.

The Contract guards said no one with a Bahrainian ID or arab features entered at 12:01-12:02.

The threat manual said the Senator was the highest risk target.

The SWAT team was using the NSA GPS tracking system.

It honed on a Twitter account and the user’s cell signal.

The Swat team had the building layout and the dot shows the protester was in the stairwell.

The flaw was that the NSA GPS tracking was 2D and this was a tall building.

The SWAT team got to the Senator’s floor.

Then the signal disappeared.

Even the best software has flaws.

Spock: “He is intelligent, but not experienced. His pattern indicates two-dimensional thinking.”

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