Lasers vs. Shells

Built by Northrop Grumman Corp. in Redondo Beach, the laser system could be used to blast apart incoming cruise missiles, zap enemy drones out of the sky or possibly even shoot down ballistic missiles one day, Carr said.. The Navy has begun field testing early versions of its high-energy laser (HEL).

This concept of fighting with rail guns that fire non explosive projectiles at supersonic speeds to put holes in ships 100 miles away and destroy their munitions at the same time and firing lasers to destroy the engines of small boats to disable them is at first glance a concept strange and hard to comprehend in an environment of today’s high tech weapons.

However make no mistake, these weapons are very high tech, still under design, and geared towards an enemy and location we will be facing in the future. It is no coincidence that these weapons were tested at the same time the military tested its most challenging test yet of its ballistic missile defense system, blasting an incoming target out of the skies over the Pacific Ocean.
A railgun is a projectile device that, via a combination of electrical impulses and magnetic fields, can send a non-explosive projectile vast distances with excessive force. They are extremely high

tech, high-efficiency cannons. In this case, the technology allows the projectiles being fired to break the speed of sound, I have heard up to 8 times the speed of sound. This allows the gun to have a range of approximately 100 miles. To lend that some context, the Navy’s current artillery has a range of only 12 miles but I have read up to 26 miles.

So when you hear of spontaneous combustion…

of a refineries

of people

of power plants.

Think Lasers.

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